Sammi Stewart

Sammi Stewart from Seacroft in Leeds was one of our very first dance bursary recipients. She is a talented young dancer with aspirations to become a choreographer, and NYAT is proud to have helped her in the first stages of her career.

Ely Youth Theatre

Ely Youth Theatre

Students from Leeds watch an historical dance class whilst at an Open Day hosted by LAMDA in partnership with NYAT.

Delivering opportunity for talented young dancers

Many young people with a talent for dance are currently undiscovered and undeveloped. Changes to school performance measures have led to a downgrading of some arts subjects and not all schools are fortunate enough to have a qualified dance teacher on the staff.
The National Youth Arts Trust is committed to funding bursaries for top quality dance classes for those who have an aptitude but currently have no access to such classes, and would otherwise not be able to afford to pay for them. We also fund bursaries to pay for equipment, such as ballet shoes and leotards, and for travel to classes where required.
To apply for a dance bursary please download an application form here.
Choreography is my favourite, because it's something that I want to do when I'm older. If I listen to a piece of music, then it's movement that just comes straight into my head, which I know I could teach someone else to do. [NYAT] supplied me with loads of confidence, if I've seen a ballet class, I would never go 'oh yeah I'll try that', it's never been something that I was interested in and transport is a lot easier now[…] they’ve helped me with money to get there.
Sammi Stewart, NYAT dance bursary recipient, Leeds.
I am very thankful to NYAT for providing support for my dance tuition. This opportunity has opened exciting new doors for my future. The NYAT has been a real blessing and I cannot thank you enough.
NYAT dance bursary recipient
It has been a constant struggle for my mum to be able to keep me at school and pay for uniform and lessons. Without support from the NYAT, I would not be where I am now. I want to be the best dancer I can be.
NYAT dance bursary recipient